The Valencia Paper:

Dot brand is not an problem

It is a solution to brands existing challenges

A safe and consistent framework

Dot brand now enjoys a stable and consistent administrative framework.

Flight plan and runways

A large number of administrative and compliance questions have been addressed ovr the past years– spec 13, disputes and priorities. Some points are still open, such as the 2 character codes and country names usage at second level, but are being addressed. Future openings are very likely to proceed, under a yet unknown format, where new brands will join.

The dot brand plane now has a clean runway to take off, and the brand is deciding about the flight plan.

Brands and dot brands shared purpose and legal framework

Brand’s function is a guarantee of origin, quality and a communication, investment and advertising support. Dot brand serves the same purposes, ensuring a global consistency in the business and legal approaches.

A dot brand has a complex legal architecture and policy structure, involving many functions within the organization, from brand to marketing, sales, IT and IP, make it a global corporate project.

Increasing present use cases

Many brands have applied for defensive reasons, and the use case is not obvious.

Use case construction

Our panel of marketing and branding experts came up with four main categories of use cases:

Actual use by brands

Brands such as BNPParibas, Abbott and others, have create a consistent galaxy of domains resolving to large popular sites, or to campaign websites or to existing content, via redirections.

A Tool for the future

Supporting the vision

Research labs, such as BBC

Preparing the web of the future

As Google announces the arrival of Progressive web apps, and as the paradigm of large mono-domain websites is increasingly challenged by mobile usage and experts, a probable scenario would lead to an atomization of the web, and an increased need for domain names.

The Internet of Things also generates new usages and as more and more things become connected and transactions happen online, dot brands can support an increased volume of connections, or plugs.